The Ultimate Check-List for Successful Blog Promotions

We all want our content to reach maximum people, right? However, savvy marketers know that blogging is much more complex than just hitting the publish button. Before you publish, you should have a checklist ready to make the most of your blog posts.
A checklist will help you save time and get more traffic in the long run. These are procedural actions that can be followed to amplify your blog’s reach. You can use all your creativity in the writing part and let our checklist handle the success of your blog.

1. Wait it Out

The thing most bloggers love to do after completing a blog is to click on the publish button. When we write something we’re super enthusiastic about, we can’t wait to share it with the world. However, it may not always be the best strategy. Consider waiting for a day, take a step back and relook at the post with a fresh set of eyes. 99% of the times, you’ll find typos, grammatical mistakes or new ideas to enhance the blog when you wait.

2. Jazz it Up

Make sure to add some graphics and visuals to your blog as they can drive immense traffic from social media. Use a striking relevant featured image and add two-three additional images to support your body content. If you can add one interactive GIF or a meme, you can grab the attention of more users.

3. Optimize All You Can

Though SEO practices change with time, there are some techniques for gaining visibility that remain constant. Make sure you identify the right target keywords and use them adequately throughout your post. Also, don’t forget to add meta tags, meta title and a meta description. Use the right tools to find out what’s trending on the topic you’re posting using BuzzSumo or Answer the Public.

4. Get Social

Social media is all about sharing. But with so many information and sharing, it can be easy to get lost. Ensure that you have a well-crafted approach towards your social media strategy. Make a budget for the paid reach to leverage the channels that are used most frequently by your audience. Also, make separate sets of social copy that tailor to individual networks for organic posts. Influencers, community forums and authority leaders can help you in creating a strong presence.

5. Engage Your Email Contacts

Just like social media, email promotions can go a long way in boosting traffic on your blog. However, because of the multitude of emails everyone receives daily, it is important to create a more nuanced and thoughtful campaign. You can utilize the RSS-to-email feature in order to automate your blog post deliveries and save time. Also, you can try segmenting your subscriber lists and only send the emails to groups that will find your blog topic relevant.
Don’t forget to make your formatting mobile-friendly and keep the subject line attention-grabbing. It also works to include links in the email so that your subscribers can share the content on their social media through the mail itself.

6. Share On

Start sharing your blog post in as many places as you can. This includes a pin on Pinterest, post on LinkedIn, sharing on Facebook and tweeting the link to your blog. You can boost the best-performing organic posts through paid promotions for maximum impact. If you’ve mentioned quotes from any experts, tag them in the post to get more attention. Also, if you have a good presence in communities and groups, make sure you share your post there too. Some other things you can do:
  • Add a link to your blog as your email signature
  • Include the post in your company’s newsletter if you can
  • Consider writing a guest blog for a popular site on a relevant topic and link back to your post
  • Encourage your friends and co-workers to share your posts
  • Use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or Digg
If you want your blog to reach maximum people for a long time, monitor analytics and make relevant changes in the headline or images if the post isn’t gaining enough attention. Don’t forget to thank influencers and peers who have shared your post and continue to find new readers to spread the word.
Consistently follow this checklist and enjoy the positive results. Happy Blogging!