SEO Content

Want to see better marketing results? Think Quality SEO Content.

Matt Cutts, on the official Google blog has repeatedly stressed that quality content is key to search rankings, and Danny Sullivan, keynote speaker at SMX and founding editor of Search Engine Land reminds marketers that “SEO keeps changing month to month, but all ranking signals revolve around content of some kind” at the SMX West 2013.

The bottom line is that top-notch content is what searchers want, and what major search engine’s including Google, Yahoo and Bing want to prioritize in their results.

Search friendly content when written well, reduces redundancy, improves relevance, and allows businesses to drive more visitors and engagement.

Marketers Refer SEO Content to be a Perfectly Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Really!..and how ?

A grilled cheese sandwich can be basic, using just bread, butter and one cheese — or a bit more gourmet e.g. think of blue cheese with garlic confit, smoked salmon and baby arugula.

Whatever type of sandwich you prefer, choosing the right type of cheese you’re going to use is the first and most important step.

Similarly, not just any content, but only the right and effective marketing content (the right type of cheese) will boost search performance. If it has all the crowd-pleasing flavors and melts well, it makes for an instant hit choice when presented (lip-smacking!).

When do you need Quality SEO content?

• When your article does not provide original content or information, original research or reporting.
• When there is almost no quality control done over the content.
• When the content does not satisfy or provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic.
• Is not sort of a page you’d like to share with your friends, bookmark or recommend?

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