Product Description and Reviews

Is your Product Description Adding Value to your Content?

More often than not, ecommerce business owners are happy to simply copy the product description provided by the manufacturer onto their site and dub it ‘satisfactory’.

Now, if you sit back and think, hundreds if not thousands of retail websites maybe doing the same thing – copying and pasting the exact same product description in the same exact way.

Your competitive advantage is simply walking out of the door!

Take a Look at This

Although a cool product, the creative juices are just ain’t flowing.

compelling product desciption

Subsequently, take a look at this revised product description.

No meat at all? Are you sure you’re getting enough protein? Protinex Original 400 gram is a scientifically formulated, balanced protein supplement with all the essential Vitamins and Minerals – as Calcium, Iron and Folic acid for both children and adults. With the fortified power of protein, this wholesome nutritional drink is a great substitute for vegetarians, children and adults as it provides –
• Balanced Nourishment
• Improved Strength
• Increased Stamina
• Enhanced Immunity

You don’t have to be a writer to tell the difference between copy that gracefully leaps off the page and copy that clumsily falls flat.Irrespective of the “health” quotient of this product, the crisp content has been able to aim for a specific customer need.

How can our Product Description and Review Services help!

• We organize all our online efforts to develop compelling Product Descriptions keeping in mind what customers are looking for and what they are buying.
• Add fresh content for every product to minimize repetition and enhance product search rankings
• Provide easily legible content formats that highlight the key features of every product
• Incorporation of keywords and keyword rich links
• Factually and grammatically correct content at all times!

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