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With the number surging well beyond 270 million active users, Twitter is often the underestimated one of social messaging platforms.

To unleash its full potential, however, you need tools that can help you manage and control your tweets, and drive the brand recognition that you seek.

Following are the tools that popular companies use and we would also recommend:


Socialoomph – Professional Edition : This is a useful tool to manage multiple twitter profiles in an automated way. It can deliver a range of tasks for you, including scheduling, publishing, sending auto (pre-defined) DM to all new followers, auto-unfollow and more.

This great monitoring software helps you effectively deal with online critics, react to events of interests on time and provide a positive vibe to your brand. And did we say, it can save you scores of manual hours of social scouring.


Hootsuite: Top brands as WWF, Virgin and Sony Music trust Hootsuite to help them participate in online chatter that can behold more power than ever to influence public sentiment. Interactions via Hootsuite can help you manage your Twitter account/s and other social networks, allowing efficiently to track your conversations and measure campaign results.


For smaller companies though, the freemium tool works well if one has less than five social profiles to manage. But the pro version isn’t costly either, 5.99 USD per month includes a dash of enhanced analytics.


Twitter Stat: In 2013, Twitter help create $716 million in Auto Sales. Majority were on luxury model cars. That means, for every $1 invested in Twitter marketing, luxury car brands saw a return of $17.80. That’s a return of 1,780%.


Tweepi: This tool can be used to build your Twitter followers. Their sort and filter all feature can help you Flush, Reciprocate, and Clean-up your twitter accounts as well. : This tool is mostly used as a URL shortening service right? But, handles like   @techcrunch and @problogger use the free service to access a dashboard wherein you can shorten and share links to multiple twitter accounts. And yes, there are stats too which you can share. Additionally, plug your API into Tweetdeck or Twitterfeed and create your very own sizzling custom short domain name to match your brand. How cool is that! So you have branding as cool as Mashable’s and Amazon’s custom URLs.



CoTweet : This neat marketing tool helps bigger brands engage, track and analyse conversations in their Twitter territory. While the free version allows you to track multiple Twitter accounts, with track clicks and limited analytics, the enterprise version, used by @emarketer and @nealschaffer allows integration with Salesforce and advanced user roles, permissions, workgroups and full analytics.


TwitterCounter: This tool helps you to understand how many Twitter followers you have added over the last month or even 6 months. You can find a list of accounts that have stopped following you recently, and conduct an exit survey to quickly comeback and stay on top of your Twitter game.


Author: Ayesha is an entrepreneur and founder of DigitalContentWriting an online writing company that creates innovative content for brands. She loves running, travelling and covering the latest stories on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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