The rise of social conversations and blogging has fueled an arcane ocean of personal opinions in form of: ratings, recommendations, reviews and other form of online expression. For marketers there is clearly a shift in the fast-mounting trend of social data that needs to be comprehended to understand the collective consciousness of online users.

This past year, following are some interesting facts and findings on Social Media that can help your company to tweak its mainstream marketing efforts –

Social Media is here to Stay: Marketers place a significant value, as much as 86% of them reveal that social media is important for them. This is an up from 83% from the past year.

Companies Still Struggle Translating the Vagaries of Human Emotion to Hard Data: Interestingly, for a number of businesses, online opinion has turned into a virtual kind of online currency that has the ability to either make or break a product in the marketplace. The market for sentiment tools that could help companies track customer perceptions, their effects and means to respond them with appropriate marketing and public relation strategies are growing in demand. Some lightweight tools for casual surfers include Tweetfeel, Twendz, and Twitrratr. Others, who use more sophisticated algorithms include Jodange and Newssift.

you tube stats

You Tube is now a lifestyle choice with over a Billion visitors per Month: A significant percentage of marketers (69%) plan on increasing their use of YouTube, marking it a top area of investment in 2014-15. It also hosts nearly 15 billion videos (comscore)

Blogging is a Must : Most marketers want to learn blogging or seek help from content development companies to help them create an online presence. While about 58% are already blogging, 62% want to learn more about how to blog or various blogging platforms, and plan to increase their content writing activities in 2014.

Google plus is a daily destination for Consumers: 75% of brands have a presence on Google plus.

Podcasting is set to reach a new high in 2014: While podcasting is a very cheap way to advertise in groups of people sharing very specific interests, only 5% of marketers are yes involved with podcasting. However, with its potential, these activities are looking up to rise five-fold.

instagram stats

Facebook has over 1.25 billion active monthly users: making it the most important social network for marketers.

LinkedIn and Twitter: are the two other most important social sites after Facebook with over 226 million users and 500 million accounts respectively.

Increased Presence is the top outcome of SMM efforts: A significant number of marketers have stated that increased exposure and presence is the number one outcome of their Social Media Marketing efforts.

What is your count on the most important social marketing platform ?

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