Create compelling content for the web

Lamenting on how “boring” your industry is or that no one is willing to read your content?

Fret not, for you’re not alone. It’s actually possible to engage your audience through your content, only if its “compelling” enough.

By “compelling”, it does not mean that your content has to be glamorous, sexy or glitzy – as not every industry can be as vibrant as say, fashion & lifestyle.

What compelling really means is that your content should be ‘helpful’ and more importantly, it should ‘ask or answer the right questions’.

If you think about content in this way, you’d realize that almost every topic under the sun can be presented in an appealing way. And that’s what strikes a note with your warm leads i.e. people who are already interested in your industry/product or service.

Here are few questions you should ask yourself when looking to create compelling content:

Does your content ask/answer the right questions?

Agreed that your industry/product may be niche, but there will definitely be potential takers who need information regarding it. Make sure that you answer the questions that will be top on people’s minds regarding your industry and also offer helpful tips that can make your content credible to your audience. Answering questions before people actually ask them makes a big difference in the long run.

Is your content too complicated for your audience?

Using heavy industry jargon to highlight your product features? Never do that! What your audience is looking for is to simply understand how your product/service can benefit them and anything complicated would likely drive them away. Rather than sounding smart, its better to sound helpful and write content in a way that makes you get one-on-one with your audience.

Are you a good story-teller?

Yes, stories work not just to engage kids but people of all ages. The best part is that a story can be worked out around any kind of industry no matter how boring it may seem initially. The trick to weaving a compelling story around your product/service is to include your prospective customers in your narrative. That guarantees instant connect! You may even use major news stories to draw parallels between your product and the current events.

Do you know anything about your buyers’ personas?

If you have any data about your buyers likes, dislikes, sex and other demographics, that can serve as a powerful tool for content creation. You can try combining your product/service with other things that your buyers may be interested in and that gets the ball rolling. This technique, called “cross relevancy” can be really effective in making your content tick with your audiences!

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as boring content, only boring content creaters 😉

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