holiday season



Voila! And here we are – ushering in the most awaited season of the year…the Holiday Season!!

While consumers are planning their long shopping lists – the holidays are a prime time to maximize your marketing power.  (Yes… you don’t want to miss out the most profitable quarter of the year).

A kickass marketing campaign can assert your brand strongly, stir up the emotions of your prospects and make a long lasting impact on your customers.

Here we have listed below some of key pointers you must have in mind while planning your holiday marketing strategy of the year.


Personalization always pays off!

A box of your favourite handpicked chocolates feels more ecstatic than a Prada bag! Surprised? But most women would tend to agree with me on this. Who wouldn’t love a cup of coffee made exactly to your requirements over the most expensive drink from the menu?

Mass emails in holiday season can be overwhelming but personalized emails are great! Choose three-six great deals to promote in an email, and have a visible link where the customer can go and search for more.  The right kind of customer profiling helps you target them with few, right products.

Also, reward your mailing listees a special discount only for them. Not only will they appreciate it, they’ll keep reading it in the future.

In 2012, in a run up to Christmas, Sony created an email campaign to cross and up-sell the PlayStation Vita to existing PS3 owners. Email content was tailored for separate segments and geographies and each group received that offer via email once in the month before Christmas.


Increase your social presence

Marketers must match their social presence to the increasing digital savviness of their consumers. Think beyond those flashy advertisements and the festive bling in your websites! Make use of the new tools of craze among consumers.

Marketers may initiate conversations about holiday plans on social channels; use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram hash tags and create pin boards of common interest in Pinterest. Focus on the quality of the presence over quantity for more the recommendations for your content or products, the higher would be the holiday purchase.


Put in a new mobile content strategy in place

The key to successful mobile marketing is spreading your accessibility over tablets and smartphones since your potential customers would be searching and purchasing your products and services online. Showcase few products right at the top  and invest in a mobile presence reflecting the holidays and your promotion.


Make use of your own deals!

If there is one word that attracts the young and the old, the sick and the healthy, the small and the big alike then it is the word “SALE”! Festive seasons are full of special offers and sales.

But what are you going to do differently this season to stand ahead of your competition? A discount code on your bill maybe an old trick but the same code hidden in your advertisement for the audience to find is different and interesting.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” – Albert Einstein

True to this saying, it is very important that marketers think out of the box to earn that edge over their competitors. Engage your customers; learn from their needs, channel your concepts into the right route and present them is the most ostentatious way. Who knows! You might just wrap up your marketing strategy in a new ribbon.

Happy Holidaying :) :)

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