• How ‘Writing’ Can Seem Such an Intimidating Task

    Writing is thinking.

    And yes, it can be intimidating too.

    There’s this proverbial expectation of knowing ‘thy’ purpose, expressing with artful precision, overcoming mammoth grammatical rules, and the singular angst that comes with writing for other people.

    You often begin with a neat idea or a tiny chunk of inspiration, but as you try to weave it into language, it feels more like you’re pulling out your own guts.

    Well, needless to say, writing is not a mystical art (as my fellow writers will agree) – but a practical skill acquired with months, if not years of practice. Except, sometimes, it is not so much fun.

    Here I talk about few hurdles that come up in the writing process and how one can overcome them.

     Overcoming Past Rejections or Bad First Impressions

    If you’re a writer, chances are that you’ve faced rejection. I certainly have. They are disheartening indeed, but when you think of it there’s immense value in staying motivated..

    1. Be Strong
    2. Realize that the rejection, like it or not, is part of the writing process and sometimes your work isn’t a fit with the client, agent or the publisher. Keep trying.
    3. Reward (be proud of) yourself everyday for finishing a paragraph, or a chapter, or a topic.
    4. Do not let external circumstances decide the course of your creative pursuits.
    5. Remember why you started in the first place. It is really about being you.

    Beginnings and Endings

    “But I learned long ago that you cannot tell how you will end by how you start.” – John Steinbeck, Journal of a Novel

    And life can be like that, too. When you write, it makes all of us think smarter – because it forces you to go beyond the polite introductory party liner and really reflect about the impact your writing may have.

    You simply need to start.


    Speed up your Writing

    Writing Tips


    In this age of this digital disruption – you cannot wait endlessly for inspiration to strike. And if you’re a freelance writer, you already know how important it is to diversify and keep those articles, website projects, blog posts and work coming. Here’s what worked for me.

    1. Write first – then revise.
    2. Do not procrastinate on Social Networks.
    3. Do not worry about spelling errors…you can always edit the ‘p’s and the ‘a’s later.
    4. Set up a fixed time for writing.
    5. Keep your fingers moving…no emails, no phone calls, no distractions, whatsoever in between.

    Do Not Stop Having Fun!

    When wannabes become professional writers, we sometimes lose that edge, that creativity, that fun that drew us to writing in the first place. Writing isn’t just about your income; it’s your passion too. So do not stop having fun. :)

    Best wishes on your journey into writing!





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