• How to Possibly Outdo Your Competitor’s Best Content

    At some point in life a digital marketer really wants to be like “Neetzan Zimmerman” – the father of viral content creation!


    Because marketing gurus know that viral content elevates the brand image and drives the growth of the organisation like no other. This is probably true and why our competitors are out there spreading the “virus”.

    Creating viral content does not come when lady luck smiles at you. It is indeed a science that has to strategized and religiously followed.

    Social media and viral content are like siblings that grow and complement other. The craze for the former induces the love for the latter. And today they are such overgrown spoilt adults that both need to be nourished with unique efforts continuously.


    The Principles of Virality

    Sit down with a sheet of paper and pen. Sip some coffee and slowly recall some of the viral videos, images, articles that you have come across or shared or tweeted, or spoke greatly about from your competitor sites. Jot them down. Beside every piece of content, point out what exactly made you think this content is viral and share-worthy!

    We will make this easy for you! Based on a very reliable and robust research from the University of Pennsylvania, we can narrow down the reasons to six significant principles,

    The Principle of Emotion

    Happy or sad, emotions form the basis for human life as well as for viral content! Videos, images or blogs that have the power to evoke your emotion has the highest chance of going viral. People across the world danced “the Gangnam Style” because it just made them infectiously happy. Watch this video of Tanishq that did quite the rounds and is indeed heartening.

    The Principle of Value

    You probably had a good thing to learn from the video or image. May be there was something for you to laugh about. Content that offers personal value to an individual is more likely to go viral. The best illustration to explain this would be infographics.



     viral content creation



    The Principle of a Great Story

    As you already know, everyone loves a good story! This three minute video below is such a heart-warming story from a Thai communications firm called TRUE.            The video won rave reviews and millions of shares in such as short span elevating brand image to unimaginable levels.



    The Principle of Social Currency

    The sharing probably made you feel good and even better made you look good in the social circle. Millions of people shared the Evian Bottled Water Baby Video because they thought it was “so cool.”



    The Principle of Imitation

    Nothing beats the “Ice bucket challenge” which made people from the North to South Pole imitating the same. Though the reason behind was a social cause, the idea of imitating it, made the campaign go viral.

    The Principle of Trends and Triggers

    This refers to the content that came as an acknowledgement of what was on top of your mind. Amul, an Indian based dairy cooperative has taken on social media with its huge number of memes depicting current political and social trends.


    In every case that you noted down, one of these principles will hold good to declare a piece of content as truly viral. Content that is dominated by one or more of these ideas has the highest chance of creating a rage in various social media platforms. You may continue to throw a volley of viral content examples at yourself and you would still be able to categorize them under one of the principles with no second thought.

    This has been the undercover secret for the success of your competitor’s content and it will continue to be yours too!

    There is more to this science…

    You are now well on your way to setting your content on fire. With the strategy been taken care of, it is now time for some tactical thinking. Here are some pointers on how to play with this content to take it down to the altar of virality gracefully.

    • Ensure your content relates to your brand. You may be creating great content but when it fails to stand up for your brand ideals, it like a dead fish in the sea.

    Watch how Kmart chose to promote its product delivery program in a rather unconventional way!

    • Watch the time before you post! Experts believe that 9.00 AM and noon are ideal and avoid the rush hour.
    • Choose sensational headlines. The titles should provoke the interest of the readers and make them believe that there is truly an element of value in the content.

    Check how a funny title can draw more views to a post that can be considered “crude” by many.

    • Do not rely on a single post for the day and wait for a miracle to happen. Be consistent ad confident about your posts and spread them across various platforms to target different kind of audience.

    On a concluding note, viral content must be the right mix of technology and psychology. Viral content is not born on one fine night. It needs to go through a gestation period of profound science, great strategy and a teeny weeny bit of luck too J

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